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Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently attending another university and I would like to transfer to the second year of history of art programme at the University of Manchester.

As you are currently under legal contract with your current university, we will need to receive a letter from them stating that they are 'releasing' you. In addition, you will need to fill in a UCAS application form as students transferring from other universities have to go through the UCAS system. You would need to provide us with transcripts of the courses you have already completed at your current university. The Admissions Officer would interview you in order to decide whether to offer you a place at the second year entry.

I am mature student and I left school with 6 GCE O-levels 15 years ago. Do mature students need to meet your to A level requirements?

The University of Manchester requires that applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence of recent formal study and/or suitable A-level results or equivalent, I would strongly recommend that you attend a suitable Access course (check out the following websites for access course details: http://www.aimhigher.ac.uk/college4us/home/; http://www.ucas.com/access/index.html) and reapply to us upon completion.

I am interested in applying for the single drama degree programme (W400) as I am interested in pursuing a career in acting.

If you are primarily interested in performing, you may want to apply to (or seek advice upon) Arden School of Theatre at City College (0161 957-1500). Drama departments differ very much. Some offer acting, some a mixture of acting and academic study and some largely academic study. Here at the University of Manchester we offer a strong academic course. We do not train actors; we train students to write about and discuss theatre in its cultural context.

What English Language Qualifications do I need if English is not my first language?

Can I visit the Campus?

If you visit the University on one of the Wednesday afternoon campus tours, you will have an opportunity to visit the admissions office at 3.30pm and ask any questions about the subject area of your choice. For information on Open Days click here

For a campus map click here

Can I speak to a Lecturer about my application?

All Undergraduate Admissions queries will normally be dealt with in the first instance by the Admissions Administrator. In the event that they cannot answer your question then they will seek guidance on your behalf from the Academic Admissions Tutors.

Can I defer?

Most requests for deferrals will be considered on their own merits. However, full details of your reasons for wanting to defer must be supplied in writing or by e-mail, to the Admissions Administrator for that subject area. A decision will then be made and you will be informed as soon as possible.

Can I study Part-Time?

The following subjects: Archaeology, Art History and Visual Studies, Classics and Ancient History, History and Religions and Theology offer part-time routes. Please contact the relevant Admissions Administrator for details.

Do you accept mature students on your courses?

Applications from mature students are welcomed by all subjects and each will be considered on their own merits, however it may be necessary to attend for interview as part of the application process. There is no upper age limit for study on any of our courses.

Can I transfer into one of your courses?

All subjects will examine requests for transfers if full details for the reason of transfer are provided. If some University study has already been completed, then we will also need a transcript of marks (or a letter from your Tutor informing us of these marks.) Please note that in some years it may not be possible to accept transfers to some courses if that course is full.

a) Transfers from within the University of Manchester

If the Admissions Tutor for your chosen course is willing to accept you as a transfer, then you must talk to the Tutor on your existing course and obtain their agreement to your withdrawal from your course. We need a written copy of this agreement and we will not proceed with any transfer application until we have this.

b) Transfers from other Universities

Procedure as for a) above in the first instance however, depending upon the circumstances of the transfer it may be necessary for you to re-apply via UCAS. Please contact the Admissions Administrator for further details.

How do I apply?

Please note that we do not take direct applications. All applications to our courses must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). For more information how to apply click here.