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Manchester Papers in Economic and Social History

ISSN 1753-7762 (Print)
ISSN 1753-7770 (Online)

Manchester Papers in Economic and Social History began life in 1990 under the editorship of Professor Peter Gatrell to disseminate research by Manchester economic and social historians. The editorship was taken over in 1997 by Professor Ruggero Ranieri who put the journal online. The series was re-launched in 2007 by Dr Peter Kirby with a remit to publish more widely in the fields of social, cultural and economic history.

Please address any correspondence regarding contributions to peter.kirby@manchester.ac.uk

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Collection of previous papers - coming soon


The following papers are available for immediate download in PDF format ( Click here if you need to download the Adobe Acrobat viewer ) or in Excel (To download the Excel files try right clicking and selecting "save target as" or "save to disc")

Papers with downloads to be added

The following papers will have a PDF download file added shortly: