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Interdisciplinary Culture

The core of the School's interest is the field of human cultures, beliefs and institutions. Its work embraces the material, visual, creative and performative dimensions of culture, and as such fosters a rich interdisciplinary culture led by world-renowned scholars with a diversity of expertise, from analysts to creative artists, from historians of ideas to cultural theorists.
Google Earth

Putting Manchester on the map

Explore The University of Manchester campus using Google Earth. Our special map has been enhanced with placemarks, showing all of the University of Manchester's Campus and Accommodation Map, as well as many other places of interest around the city.
Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

We offer more than 40 undergraduate programmes designed to teach people how to think rather than what to think. Our educational programmes are constantly updated so that they are at the cutting edge in both their content and the teaching methods used.

Our Taught Programmes & Research Degrees

The School of Arts, Histories & Cultures offers a full range of over forty Masters programmes and provides a supportive environment for research degree students across all disciplines.

Funding & Bursaries

Funding & Bursaries

Discover more about the latest internal scholarships and other funding opportunities on offer in the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures.